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A guide to courier Van insurance

Unlike car insurance, Van insurance has many different classes of use depending on your intended use of the Van. If you operate in the delivery sector, you’ll need a specific type of Van insurance to make sure you, and you’re cargo is adequately protected. In this guide, we’ll take a deeper look into courier insurance, who it’s for and more specifically, what’s covered under your policy.

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What is courier insurance?

Courier drivers typically spend longer on the roads than other Van users and are therefore are exposed to more risk when carrying out their business.

Courier insurance is specially designed for those using their Van to deliver goods on a daily basis. This includes cargo of varying nature and value and usually relates to multiple drops within a local area during the course of the day. Often referred to in the insurance industry as “carriage of goods for hire and reward”, this type of insurance will cover you, your Van, and your cargo while conducting business.

Van insurance for couriers addresses the unique risks that delivery drivers are exposed to and the increased chance of damage or theft of your cargo when making drops. As a result, courier cover tends to be more comprehensive and is often made up of several more complex policies covering your Van and your cargo as well as public liability.

Who needs courier insurance?

Anyone delivering goods to one or more locations on a regular basis will be classed as a courier in the eyes of the insurance company. Due to the complexity of Van insurance as a whole, it’s a good idea to seek advice if you are unsure of what “class of use” you and your business fall under.

When transporting cargo, there is an increased risk of damage or theft. Courier insurance covers you for added benefits that a conventional or “standard” van insurance policy wouldn’t. Therefore, anyone acting as a courier needs to declare this as their primary intended use of the vehicle.

Most courier drivers don’t own the goods there are transporting. Therefore, should you be subject to theft or damage while in transit, you need to be confident that your fully covered. Its important to be honest when specifying what you will be delivering and its value. Getting this wrong could mean you fall short when trying to make a claim and your likely to be financially liable for any damages.

Whats covered with a courier insurance policy?

Van insurance for couriers tends to be a little more tailored to suit individual and business requirements. Based on what you are delivering, where your delivering it to and how many stops you make along the way, you could be classed as either high or low risk. Your policy, and its price will vary greatly depending on these factors.

Most courier insurance cover is fully comprehensive, but you’ll need to check carefully as to the extent of your cover. As with most insurance policies, there will be limitations and exclusions which you should be aware of. Make sure the level of cover is right for your individual circumstances. Here some key elements of a courier van insurance policy that are worth taking note of.

  • Goods in Transit insurance

    As standard, most courier insurance policies will offer some minimal protection for the goods you’re carrying. When you look to compare policies, pay attention to the goods in transit cover and the limits imposed by the insurance company. You need to be sure that the cover level is suitable for the type of cargo you will be transporting.

    Goods in transit insurance has many, often complex exclusions. In the event your policy doesn’t adequately cover you, you’ll need to opt for a separate goods in transit policywhich can be better tailor made to suit the needs of your cargo. Read More

  • Public Liability Insurance

    For those delivery drivers that come into contact with customers on a regular basis, having public liability cover will protect you in the event you cause an accident, injury or damage to a person or their property whilst making your deliveries. This is usually offered at the time of taking out your policy but can also be purchased separately or bundled in with another insurance policy.

    Public liability insurance will cover you in the event that the goods you are carrying fall out or get dropped which in turn causes injury to a member of the public or their property. Public liability insurance is a highly recommended extra to consider as part of your policy and could avoid large costs due to any lawsuit brought against you.

How do I get cheap courier insurance?

Protecting your business from unforeseen circumstances should always be a priority but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the hunt for the best deals. There are a number of common money saving suggestions when it comes to getting cheap courier van insurance. If you cant save money, you need to look for the best cover with the maximum protection.

  • Compare quotes online

    Comparing the deals on offer from a variety of companies is the best way to ensure your getting the best deal at the best price. With vaninsurance.co.uk, we’ve teamed up with the UK’s leading providers to bring you exclusive deals that you wont find elsewhere online. Compare online now.

  • Check existing polices

    Many may not be aware that they are already covered under a different policy. Public liability insurance for example could be already added onto an existing business or tradesman’s policy that you hold. Always check to see that your buying only what you need.

  • Increase your excess

    Depending on your policy and your circumstances, your likely to have a fairly reasonable compulsory excess to pay should you need to claim. Increasing the voluntary excess will provide small reductions in your premium but will also mean you pay more upfront to initiate the claim process. Think carefully about this one. The initial cost savings may not be worth the added risk.

  • Secure your Van

    Keeping your Van secure in a locked garage and upgrading security features such as alarms and immobilisers can help lower the cost of your premium since you are reducing the risk of theft.

How do I get cheap courier insurance?

As a courier, you’re transporting important cargo on a daily basis, often with high value. It’s only natural you want to protect your business from loss.

Vancompare.com is here to help you find the right level of cover for the best possible price. We compare over 30 insurers in minutes to bring you the absolute best available deals. We do all the hard work so you can concentrate on running your business.

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