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Need temporary Van insurance? If you’re an occasional Van user, you could save money by taking out a short term insurance policy whilst also keeping on the right side of the law. Vaninsurance.co.uk can help you quickly compare providers to ensure you get the best temporary cover at the best price.

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What is short term Van insurance?

A short term or temporary Van insurance policy is one that allows you take out fully comprehensive cover only for the length of time you need it. If you only need the use of a Van for a few days or weeks, a temporary insurance policy can provide from between 1 – 84 days of cover for a fraction of the cost of an annual 12 month policy.

Temporary Van insurance has many benefits and great for getting full cover at a price that’s directly relative to the amount you drive. It’s one of the best ways to save money on insurance if Van driving isn’t part of daily business activities.

When can I use short term Van insurance?

Arranging short term van insurance is great for almost any purpose. If you only need a few days, weeks, or months then a 12 month policy isn’t going to be cost effective for you. You can apply for temporary Van insurance whenever it’s required and for periods between 1 and 84 days with most insurers.

Most people arrange temporary insurance for a Van to assist with moving house, transporting large items or to help out with a surge in demand of business. Temp van insurance is also great if you’re planning on buying a new Van and means you can safety conduct a test drive whilst being fully covered.

Can I get one day Van insurance?

Yes. Its possible to cover a Van for very short periods of time. Most insurance companies will request a minimum of 1 day but allow up to a maximum of 84 days under the same policy. Anything over 84 days and you’ll need to look at getting an annual policy.

It is worth noting however, that if you’re renting a Van, you wont need to purchase your own insurance. Most Van rental companies will include standard insurance with the option to increase cover during the hire period.

Does temporary Van insurance cover business use?

When applying for temporary Van insurance cover, your policy may include business use as standard but it’s highly unlikely that you will be insured for carrying passengers or for goods for hire & reward use. Always check the policy documentation to make sure your covered in full for the intended use.

Is contents covered?

Most short term Van insurance is sold as fully comprehensive and as a result, a certain level of contents cover will be included. Most items, including furniture, personal effects and electronics will be covered if subject to loss, damage, or theft but as always, every insurer has different restrictions so be sure to double check your policy documentation.

Are there downsides to temporary Van cover?

While short term van cover is a great, temporary solution for some, it may not be suitable for others. You should carefully consider your options and for how long you require cover before deciding which Van insurance policy is best for you.


  • Setting up temporary Van insurance is quicker and easier than adding a named driver.
  • You only pay for the time / days that you need.
  • Most short-term van cover is sold as fully comprehensive in the UK and qualifies for third party in the EU as standard.


  • Usually more expensive than simply adding a named driver to an existing policy.
  • Short term cover costs significantly more per day than that of an equally matched cover on a 12 month policy.
  • If you need the Van a few times throughout the course of the year, temp insurance can be inconvenient and time consuming to arrange.

How much does temporary Van insurance cost?

The cost of your temp van insurance policy will largely depend on how long you need it for. Several other factors are likely to be taken into consideration as well such as you age, your driving experience, and the Van you’re looking to insure. Cover can start from as little as £11 per day with the right insurance companies. Use vaninsurance.co.uk to hunt down the best deals for short term van insurance cover today.

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