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Tipper Vans are specialist vehicles which tend to fall under a separate insurance category. Due to their increased size and nature, tipper van insurance costs can sometimes be significantly higher than that of a standard van. Getting the right cover at the best price is made possible when comparing quotes with vaninsurance.co.uk.

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What is a tipper Van?

Usually found on building sites, tipper Vans tend to be bigger, more powerful, and more versatile than a standard transport van. The defining characteristic on a tipper truck is its ability to carry large amounts of lose material such as sand, rubble and hardcore with the added functionality of being able quickly “tip” its contents at the required destination.

Is Tipper Van insurance different to normal Van insurance?

In short, yes. For starters, due to its size and nature, a tipper truck is likely to be significantly more expensive to buy than a small delivery Van. From an insurance perspective, this is going to put your tipper into a higher insurance group. Secondly, since there is no way to secure your load, the added risk of theft or damage will only further add to the price you pay for cover.

Since the intended use of a tipper Van is very different to that of a delivery driver, the overall risks are increased. Its therefore necessary to have a higher level of cover to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances. You will need a very specific policy that outlines the how and when your tipper is used along with the frequency of use and where its stored when not in use. You’ll also need public liability insurance in case the load you’re carrying damages something or someone while in transit.

What cover do you need for a tipper Van?

We’ll assume that your tipper Van is being used for work purposes, so first off, you’re going to need a commercial policy when arranging tipper insurance. Commercial Van insurance will cover you for the extra risk involved with carrying or transporting tools, materials and plant equipment and ensures you’re covered in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

Specify the intended use

You’ll firstly need to carefully consider the intended use of the tipper. Depending on what your transporting, you’ll need either carriage of own goods or carriage of goods for hire & reward (or both). Your insurance company will be able to guide you through any complexities arising from your intended use of your tipper truck.

  • Carriage of own good

    If you transport goods that you own, for example your tools or plant equipment, then you need to be insured under a carriage of own goods policy.

  • Carriage of goods for hire & reward

    If the goods, equipment, or materials you are transporting are not yours. i.e. you’re being paid to deliver them, then you’ll need a carriage of goods for hire & reward policy.

Chose your cover level

There are 3 main levels of cover for you to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons. It’s worth noting that due to the nature of tipper trucks and their contents, some insurance companies may only offer a fully comprehensive policy.

  • Third party only

    Third party only Tipper Truck insurance is the minimum level of cover required by law. This option costs less but provides very little in the way of cover for you or your Van. In the event of an accident, your Van won’t be covered if you are at fault. You’ll not get cover for theft or damages caused by vandalism or negligence which and could have a lasting financial burden on your business if your Van is off the road.

  • Third party, fire & theft

    A third party fire & theft policy will cover you for the same as third party only with only the slight addition of cover for theft, and if your tipper is damaged by fire. You still won’t be covered for repairs or replacement of your Van in the event your cause an accident.

  • Fully comprehensive

    Due to the size, nature and expense of a tipper Van, many insurance companies will only allow you cover under a fully comprehensive policy. That’s not to say other options won’t be available, but you need to ensure you and your business is adequality protected as well as the goods you are transporting. Fully comprehensive insurance offers the best peace of mind that you’ll be financially compensated regardless of the circumstances. This allows you to get back on the road and back to work without suffering any loss of a business.

Consider extra cover

Depending on the insurance company and level of cover you choose, you may need to consider some extra cover options to ensure you have the correct level of protection for your business. Check your policy carefully to see what you are, and what you are not covered for. Seek extra cover if needed.

  • Goods in transit insurance

    A goods in transit insurance policy will protect the load you are carrying from accidental damage, loss, or theft. Cover will vary depending on size, weight, value and nature of your load or individual goods you are transporting.

  • Tool insurance

    If you’re going to be transporting your tools as well as materials in your tipper then make sure you have tool cover. If not offered already by your insurance company, you’ll be able to arrange separate cover to protect your tools should they become damaged or stolen.

  • Public liability insurance

    Driving a tipper truck can potentially cause a danger to the public. In the event that something you’re carrying falls off and damages someone or something, you’ll need public liability insurance to cover any claim that may be made against you.

  • Legal protection

    For any legal disputes involving your tipper, adding legal protection to your policy will help to cover any unforeseen costs. For example, the cost of claiming compensation following an accident or loss of earnings while your van is being repaired would be covered.

  • No claims bonus protection

    Building up a no claims bonus is essential to getting cheaper renewal premiums in the future. For a nominal fee, your insurance company will let you protect you NCB. Should you need to make a claim, of if one is brought against you, your NCB will remain intact.

Can I save money on tipper Van insurance?

There are many ways to save money on your Van insurance, but the easiest and quickest way is to shop around and compare quotes with vaninsurance.co.uk. You’ll get access to our exclusive panel of specialist companies with deals you won’t find elsewhere. Get the right deal at the right price and compare quotes now.

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