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A private Van insurance policy will cover you for any purpose related to social and leisure use. If you use your Van to go on holiday, take trips to the beach or for hobbies such as mountain biking or surfing, then you can arrange cover under a standard private use policy. Private Van insurance rules are strict. You cannot use the vehicle for any commercial or business related activities. Private cover tends to be a lot lower in cost than business insurance as the risk is reduced and the Van tends to be on the road less. You’ll need to carefully take note of any restrictions that your insurance company impose on your Private policy. For instance, in most cases, commuting to and from a place of business WONT be covered on a private policy. If you use your Van for commuting, you’ll need commercial cover. If you’re unsure about which policy you need, you should seek professional advice. Taking out the wrong policy could mean you’re not covered in the event you have an accident or fall victim to theft, not to mention you could be personally liable for any injury or death caused to a third party. To help further get to grips with different types of insurance, we’ve prepared a handy guide on different Van insurance classes of use.

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Are there different levels of Private Van insurance?

Yes. As with most motor insurance policies, you’ll get a choice of 3 different levels of cover to choose from. Depending on how you use your Van socially, you can either opt for more or less cover to suit your specific circumstance and budget. For social, domestic and pleasure (excluding committing), you’ll have the following options when arranging your Van insurance:

  • Third party only

    This is usually the cheapest level of cover on offer due to its many limitations. You will be covered by law with a third party only policy but won’t be covered for any damages you cause to your own Van, including if its stolen or is damaged by fire.

  • Third party, fire & theft

    As a middle ground policy in terms of both level of cover and price, third party fire & theft is popular among social and occasional use Van owners. You’ll be protected against any damage or injury caused to third parties and their vehicles. You’ll also be protected against theft of your own Van and any damages caused by fire. However, your Van still isn’t covered for repair or replacement should you be at fault in an accident.

  • Fully Comprehensive

    If you own a more expensive, newer Van then you’ll probably want to consider fully comprehensive insurance cover. It covers everything in third party fire & theft with the addition of cover for repair and/or replacement of your Van in the event of any damage caused by an accident. You’re also more likely to be covered for a higher level of contents and could see a reduction in your excess. Fully comprehensive private Van insurance covers you regardless of who was a fault. Due to the increased protection offered by this type of cover, its usually the most expensive.

Who’s allowed to drive a Van for private use?

As long as you have a valid UK drivers’ licence with CatB, you’ll be allowed to drive any Van that weighs under 3.5 tonnes and has 9 seats or less (including the drivers). Good news is, if you want to drive a hobby Van for private use, you won’t need to sit an extra test.

For Vans that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes and up to 7.5 tonnes, you will need to sit an extra test to obtain a Cat C1 grade licence. Anything heavier than 7.5 tonnes is classed as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and again, you’ll need a separate test and licence to drive one of those.

Why compare Private Van insurance?

To get the most out of your social, domestic & pleasure Van insurance and to make sure you’re not paying more than you should, you’ll want to compare providers and the different deals that are on offer.

Vaninsurance.co.uk not only helps you quickly compare over 30 top providers but also offers you exclusive access to deals you won’t find elsewhere online. When you add this to our extensive help section and guides on how to get cheaper insurance, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

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